The Real Reason Elitism Thrives under Capitalism

Interesting how people who honor the achievements of Alexander the Great, no one mentions that Socrates was put to death for espousing Elitism just a little over 60 years before Alexander the Great took power. Elitism, the most enduring export of the ancient Greek empire… not Democracy… Elitism. Elitism is “Survival of the Fittest,” or “Might makes Right.”

Interesting how China’s first emperor was just a century after Alexander the Great. Qin Shi Huang’s terra cotta army may have been influenced by the Greeks.

When unsophisticated, human society could be muscled into submission. Those who controlled the resources (food, water, oil, etc.) could insure their control as a thug maintains his dominance — through coercion. The king’s knights or the mafiosoes thugs are the most well-fed and physically dominant in society.

However, if you wanted to maintain dominance in a more sophisticated society, how could you justify your having the bigger house, more wives, more land and more property? For millennia, the Elites told us that it was a burden to be the leader, hence they deserved these things.

In a more sophisticated society, people could be tricked. I deserve these things because of my wealth. As long as I’ve mastered the game of wealth-generation — it achieves the same thing that the Elites declared they deserved even when it was solely “Might makes Right” and my thugs can legitimize my reign. Only now, people are told that the rich deserve their bigger houses because they earned it. Did they? Why do too few people ask, “Where does money come from?” Capitalism is merely a ploy to allow the Elites their station and stature. Money is their invention. Demonetization is the answer. The time for a resource-based economy has come.

What things do you feel that you deserve in a relationship? What things do you demand from others? We all have things we feel we deserve and we all have things that we demand from others — like privacy or respect. However, the Elites have an ideology of entitlement. They feel they’re entitled to better quality and more quantity of all resources. Hence, the reason they hoard resources still today. If they didn’t then the equation “r > g” wouldn’t be true and the Gini Index wouldn’t be such a problem for our Elites. The rich keep getting richer and their piece of the pie keeps getting bigger. The game is rigged, people. You’re playing their game.