Problems with the Illuminati Narrative

The Illuminati Narrative that is growing popular today is flawed on a variety of levels and for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, is it distracts people from the true issue. The Illuminati Narrative pits GOOD vs EVIL, NATIONALISM vs GLOBALISM, RICH vs POOR, HAVES vs HAVE NOTS, or SPIRITUAL vs SECULAR — depending on the narrator. Simply put — these are all wrong. The true battle lines drawn are between ELITISM and EGALITARIANISM.

Two, they attack the forefathers — specifically by lumping Thomas Jefferson in with Alexander Hamilton is especially ironic since Jefferson at times called Hamilton a Monarchist. The underlying simplicity of my argument is that America was — at its founding — anti-Monarchist. Any argument outside of this “anti-Monarchism” is a distraction. Hence, labeling Jefferson a member of this Illuminati detracts from the aims of the US Constitution and namely — its Bill of Rights. Remember, the Bill of Rights was insisted upon by the Anti-Federalists.

The Illuminati Narrative seeks to detract from the true aims of the Democratic-Republicans (and/or the Anti-Federalists). It’s these Bill of Rights which are under assault by the Monarchists today!

How can I be so sure? Easy… give me an example of the CIA defending Democracy, and I’ll give you an example of it actually defending the Monarchies of Europe. Perhaps you should read John Perkins’ “Confessions of an Economic Hitman.” The American establishment has been lying to you — egalitarianism is their enemy. The American Deep State works for the Crown. Their loyalty is not to the American people.

Three, the Illuminati Narrative claims that this battle started in 1776 — coincidentally at the time of Adam Smith, Thomas Paine and the Declaration of Independence. Sure, it was a very important year for this battle between Elitism vs Egalitarianism. However, in 399 BC Socrates was made to drink hemlock because of his subversion of the Athenian democracy. He openly advocated Elitism — Plato’s “Republic” Chapter Six.

This again is an attempt to distract you from the true argument and from the true enemy. Elitism has been around a long time, and so has organized crime. In fact, the Monarchists are the original organized crime families. When we think of organized crime we usually think of Renaissance Italy and the floundering Republics competing for control — much like the warlords of Afghanistan today.

Machiavelli wrote “The Prince” as a political theorist to help those in power to stay in power. The twentieth century has seen its share of copycats like Edward Bernays and Saul Alinsky. Of course, today the true manipulation is of information… the control or fabrication of narrative. Today, we call it — Propaganda…. PSYOPs… MISOs.

Four, this leads us to the true masters of spin. The true masters of controlling the narrative. Some choose to call them Zionists. I choose to call them what they are — a Hebrew mafia. How can you guarantee control or how can you test for loyalty? People are most loyal to family, ideology, or coercion. People will go to their grave for one of these three. Either they are related to the person they are willing to die for, their belief in something (usually spiritual) is so strong that they’re willing to die for it, or the person they defend has the power to utterly humiliate or destroy that person or their loved ones (family).

Is it coincidence that Jews overwhelmingly controlled the German media one-hundred years ago? Is it coincidence that they now overwhelmingly control the American media? How many coincidences will it take before it becomes mathematically impossible? Keep in mind, I’m not anti-Semitic, I’m not saying all Jewish people are vile or anything of the sort. I just want people to call a brown dog, brown.

Five, the Illuminati Narrative attempts to downplay the truth about JFK. Sure, Kennedy was no saint, but who is? They usually list Kennedy as one of the many members of manipulative leaders of America. However, if the battle lines are truly ELITISM vs EGALITARIANISM then Kennedy is clearly on the side of EGALITARIANISM.

Also, by trivially lumping Kennedy in with these other leaders, they gloss over the fact that the Hebrew mafia — not the Italian mafia — was a key contributor to JFK’s assassination. One, Jack Ruby, the man accused of killing the assassination’s patsy — Lee Harvey Oswald — to guarantee his silence was Jewish, not Italian. Jack Ruby’s real name was Jacob Leon Rubenstein.

Additionally, by glossing over Kennedy’s role in the TRUE narrative, they leave out one pivotal — yet, not only — reason for killing Kennedy. The Dimona Reactor was a threat to world security — and if you believe Martin van Creveld — Israel having nukes is still a threat today. Kennedy insisted that Israel open Dimona to inspections. If Kennedy hadn’t died, it is very possible and very plausible to surmise that if Kennedy had lived, Israel wouldn’t have the Samson Option today. We’re all being held hostage by an organized crime syndicate which possesses nuclear weapons. Let that sink in.

Lastly, by downplaying the Hebrew mafia’s role they enable the Zionists to perpetuate the Christian mythology narrative. They can systematically perpetuate the Christian mythos and even contribute to its fulfilling — not through divine intervention, but through political corruption and economic machinations. They start wars whenever and with whomever they want.

These Elitists are war profiteers. They practice hoarding of resources because they believe in Zero Sum Game. The Earth’s resources are finite, so by hoarding those resources amasses great wealth for them while denying their adversaries of those resources. Why did the European monarchies practice Imperialism? Why did they scour the Earth inventorying the world’s resources? Wake up, people. The Illuminati Narrative is disinformation and an attempt to distract you from the real enemy to the American constitution. They fear and loathe the American constitution.