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Incidentally, the same arguments espoused by Adam Smith for supporting Capitalism were also the same arguments used to support Elitism (and later Monarchism throughout Europe) in ancient Greece — when Socrates discussed with Adeimantus the folly of Democracy in Chapter VI of the Republic.

There are essentially FOUR (4) systemic problems with the American system today. Fixing one of them will not restore our great Republic, all four need to be addressed:

A. Checks and Balances originally omitted corporations from the equation.

B. Legalized blackmail was incorporated into our system [lobbying]

C. Money = power; whoever controls the source of money, controls

D. Intelligence apparatus justifies keeping secrets/hiding information (again, establishing control) Allen Dulles was a Monarchist/an Elitist

FACT: Monarchy is a hierarchy, America is a hierarchy.

FACT: The American CIA has assisted with regime change over 90 times since its inception/creation.

1. QUESTION: When has the American CIA ever defended democracy?

2. QUESTION: How often does America deploy its military abroad?

3. QUESTION: Do you truly want a voice in your government, or would you prefer to trust the experts (the specialists) and not be bothered with the details?

4. QUESTION: Whose “War on Terror” is it? America’s? Monarchists’?

First, if you look at the true differences between the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists of 1782, then you will notice that one of the key positions espoused by Thomas Jefferson of the Anti-Federalists was his embrace of an Agrarian Society. He argued that the bankers and those who sought industrialization — like England — must be, in some way, loyal to the Crown and a Monarchist.

You must admit, stock exchanges were in their infancy in 1776. The Buttonwood Agreement, which was America’s first attempt at regulating securities exchanges wasn’t until 1792. While it can be argued that exchanges have been around for hundreds of years; I’d argue that the sophistication of these exchanges was very limited, so I’d ask that you forgive Thomas Jefferson or James Madison for failing to comprehend the magnitude of the threat.

Under Queen Victoria, companies took on a whole new meaning and purpose. Under the guise of establishing trade abroad many companies were merely platforms for spying and spreading Western ideologies.

Today in the US, insider-trading among congress members is epidemic. Members of congress can attain great wealth in a relative short period of time due to their exposure to sensitive information and due to their inability to refrain from capitalizing on such fortuitous opportunities. Peter Schweizer has documented numerous exploits of our congress members in his book, “Throw Them All Out.” If you or I tried some of these same gimmicks, we would go to jail, but today congress members are not subjected to the same laws that they hold the rest of us to. In a series of three newspaper articles, Alexander Hamilton addressed the topic of insider trading in 1778. Also, within “The Federalist Papers” he asserted that for a legislature to exempt itself from the laws they write would be the beginning of tyranny.

Resolution: If corporations have “rights,” then they also have responsibilities. The U.S. Declaration of Independence never alludes to corporations because they were effectively excluded. Instead of Checks and Balances solely balancing the influences and interests of individuals, a new model incorporating corporations needs to be fomented. The four branches — instead of three — should be Executive, Legislative, Judicial, and Commercial. Commercial could address the interests and influences of corporations. Calling for another Constitutional Convention could remedy this situation. The Monarchists today hide behind the “runaway convention” theory in order to avoid this remedy.

Second, everyone knows that corporate lobbying is legal blackmail. We simply need to better regulate and codify any influence corporations wield within our society. We have seen that the temptation is too great for them to abuse their rights and forego their responsibilities in the sake of profit.

Third, the whole Federal Reserve system for printing money needs revisiting. Perhaps, granting a corporation this role is the most effective way of printing money, but it’s my assertion that it’s the same as outsourcing any other role by our government.

Fourth, a complete and utter overhaul of our intelligence apparatus needs to occur. We need to restore total transparency — at least to those charged with oversight like the Executive and Legislative branches. We should remove the CIA from all operations and it should focus on its intended purpose: consolidating information, filtering objectively data’s priority to be reported to the Commander-n-Chief. I would also offer that Corporations could assist with oversight, but as long as money (i.e. profit) is involved in any way, oversight has to be granted to the Legislative branch too — with teeth.

However, it is my opinion that these four key elements need to be a part of our U.S. Constitution. Either through a Constitutional Amendment or another “runaway convention.”

What if I told you that our Elites are taking on the tough questions? What if I told you that they have a remedy for Global Warming? What if I told you they have a remedy for Overpopulation?

Either you trust our Elites to tackle these tough issues on our behalf, or you prove our precious Democracy as feasible and worthy of protection. Are humans inherently lazy? Would people rather someone else do it, or are we willing to tackle the tough issues ourselves and contribute to a more vibrant society/economy?

Trust is earned. Who do you trust?

Answers to the above questions:

1. When has the American CIA ever defended democracy? As far as I can tell, never. If you see protecting Capitalism as synonymous with protecting Democracy, then I guess all the time.

2. How often does America deploy its military abroad? According to Professor Jerol Rosati, University of South Carolina, in America’s short 200+ year history, we’ve deployed our military well over 100 times — essentially every other year.

3. Do you truly want a voice in your government, or would you prefer to trust the experts (the specialists) and not be bothered with the details? Only YOU can answer this question.

4. Whose “War on Terror” is it? In all honesty, today’s “War on Terror,” is a British conception, not American.

If you’re a true proponent of democracy, then you must recognize that we are at a huge disadvantage. All the monarch must do is recruit one thug or trigger man to act as his enforcer. We, on the other hand, must recruit the rest of humanity. Don’t underestimate the power of Cognitive Dissonance… people still embrace the government narrative of September 11, 2001.




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