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America, Prepare to Swallow Some Pride

Since America rejoined the British Commonwealth we have been doing the Queen’s bidding. “But wait,” you say, “we haven’t rejoined the British Commonwealth.” Oh, but we have. Just not to the common person’s knowledge. Why is it that we never hear about an English or German mob or mafia? We hear about a Sicilian or Italian mob in America. We, of course, can thank Hollywood for this idea, thanks to movies such as “The Godfather.” However, the most savage criminal enterprise in the 1930’s and 40’s in America was an establishment known as “Murder, Inc.” “Murder, Inc.” at its height, was actually controlled by the Jewish mob — by mob boss Louis “Lepke” Buchalter until late 1936.

However, back to the question, “Why do we never hear about an English or German mob?” The answer, you probably already know, but you’re unwilling to admit it to yourself. The royal families in these countries were very ruthless and diabolical. In other words, the governments of what became the United Kingdom and Germany had incorporated the mob into their governments. They had institutionalized their own mob-like terror campaign in order to stay in power. This explains why the Rothschild family plays so prominently in so many conspiracy theories. The Rothschilds have had a substantial family presence in Germany, England, and France for over a century.

The Rothschild’s immersion into “the game” (if we can call “politics” a game) meant they would learn how to play both sides to work the middle. This is how the Rothschilds mastered the Hegelian dialectic. It was first used, with a delightful result (for them) during the Napoleonic Wars. Of course, back then it wasn’t even known by that name.

The Hegelian dialectic can today be described, thus:

First, you identify an issue (aka the problem, the thesis). Perhaps through a “false flag” (psychological warfare used against a civilian population) to either magnify the issue or to create an issue where none exists. Perhaps, the threat of a rival nation or school shootings or terrorism.

Next, you identify alternatives (aka the reaction, the antithesis). Perhaps through allying yourself with a second rival nation against the aforementioned rival nation. Perhaps, propose legislation to counter the threat or sic your law enforcement, intelligence or military against the perceived threat.

Lastly, you identify a resolution (aka the solution, the synthesis). Perhaps, you bring the two sides to the negotiation table and hammer out a diplomatic solution, ending the war. Perhaps, the opposing viewpoints of any debate, rival street gangs, or labor disputes can be steered to a more acceptable outcome.

Of course, if the problem was the product of, say, propaganda or a false flag then your solution will, of course, manifest itself because the propaganda/false flags will cease.

If you recall, I’ve alleged that the British royal family — especially under the rule of Queen Victoria had weaponized everything. Well, I wasn’t far from the truth. I alleged that she even weaponized ideas. Well, they actually weaponized patents. Thanks to research done by others (for now, they shall remain nameless, but within time the whole world will know their names) we now understand better the extent to their corruption.

You ask, “But wait, who is ‘they’? You said, ‘their corruption.’ Who is ‘they’?” What is the Deep State? Where did the Deep State come from? To understand what many today label the Deep State, let’s look at another entity. To borrow a term from the late, venerable Gore Vidal — the National Security State — was created in America in 1947 by the National Security Act of 1947. The National Security State is a state which places secrecy as its defining characteristic. Secrecy is esteemed most virtuous because of perceived threats from abroad and from within. We must remain guarded, or someone may steal what we have. Why such paranoia? We are projecting. We are projecting our behavior onto our enemies. Just like a cheating husband who accuses his wife of cheating because he’s guilt-ridden.

The CIA, the Pentagon and the National Security Council (NSC) are all products of the National Security Act of 1947 which established, according to Gore Vidal, the National Security State. Why the need for so much secrecy? The Cold War, of course! No, not really. If not the Cold War, what then? Well, who helped us establish our National Security State? If you know your history, we appealed to the British to help us establish our post-war institutions to better protect ourselves. This National Security State was the perfect cover for establishing an apparatus to spy on America. I assert that the purpose for the National Security State has always been the creation of the Deep State.

To better understand the growth and progression of the modern Deep State, please allow me to refer you to two whistleblowers, Colonel Leroy “Fletcher” Prouty and Mike Lofgren. These two articulate just how we arrived at this ‘SES’ (Senior Executive Service) everyone talks about. Even after reading Prouty’s “The Secret Team” or Mike Lofgren’s “The Deep State,” and you still have questions, allow me to refer you to former CIA Case Officer, Kevin Shipp. He has posted the most detailed video presentations regarding the Deep State’s anatomy and definition online.

The British helped us institutionalize mob-like control within our government much like they had in Germany. Why the abdication of Wilhelm II, Queen Victoria’s eldest grandchild? Oh, what a tangled web we weave! Talk about machinations and obfuscations! These people have so romanticized the notion that royalty is somehow chaste and without blemish. Little girls dream of becoming princesses and being swept off their feet by princes. Wake up, people. It’s an illusion… a fantasy. We indoctrinate people into revering the royal family. They are treated like celebrities. We allow them to tell us what is fashionable or acceptable. Why?

Why do we even have monarchs today? Today’s institutions of higher education — business schools and our military academies — can attest to the fact that good leaders are NOT born, but made. Today, we understand that there are a variety of leadership styles and techniques that can be taught. Why do we continue to tolerate the Elitist, ostentatious status when none has been earned? In fact, I assert that it was NEVER earned, but stolen. That’s another article.

Although this is yet to be substantiated, I assert that since the time of Cecil John Rhodes (his monarch was still Queen Victoria) the British had acquired a following of devoted Americans who were seduced by the European royal families to share world domination. If they could not beat the Americans into submission, they would trick them into submission. They began promoting what many today label the “Anglo-American Empire.” Cecil Rhodes and others within the United Kingdom realized that other colonies hoped for independence. They needed a way to protect the empire.

Meanwhile, Americans like J.P. Morgan and Paul Warburg realized, “If money is power, then while we still control it, we better develop a system that allows us to control the source of money.” Conveniently, the Panic of 1893 provided the perfect excuse to take control of the source — the printing — of money. Desperate to avoid its gold leaving the country, the U.S. government appealed to private American citizens for help. They appealed to JP Morgan for help to guard against the hemorrhaging of its gold to Europe. To raise much needed revenue, the government needed to sell its gold. However, to prevent their gold from leaving the country, they wanted to arrange for Americans to buy the gold before Europeans had the opportunity to buy it. JP Morgan, along with a syndicate of bankers successfully obliged the U.S. government and purchased the gold from the government at a fixed price. In essence, the U.S. government borrowed money from a private citizen in order to avoid a default… or worse.

This is how the idea for Central Banks in America was sold. JP Morgan argued that he and his syndicate of bankers could run a central bank for the U.S. government. The British had demonstrated as early as 1694 with the establishment of the Bank of England (a private corporation) that a private corporation could be acceptable to the people.

This raises a question: If you are indebted to me, can I persuade you to do things that you may not otherwise do? Is it a true statement that there are two ways to control a state? First, is through military conquest, and second, is through debt? Is it true that America can leverage another country’s debt against them and get its diplomats or politicians to act more favorably toward America? The people who have a surplus of capital have power over those who have a deficit of capital.

Speaking of money, If it takes money to make money, then why would I leave criminals in a position to leverage their great wealth against me? In other words, once nation states turned to Republicanism and away from Monarchism, why did they leave the Lords, the nobility and the monarchs in a position to leverage control against the population? Their great wealth is problematic.

How many times have you heard it taught that the American education system inspires creativity while the Chinese education system squashes it? Or how many times have you heard people espouse the idea that American freedom allows us the freedom to be more inventive and creative? Well, this may be true. I can’t say it’s false. However, prepare to swallow some pride, but we have been stealing the world’s patents for decades.

The reason we develop so many patents, is because they’ve weaponized patents. Remember, the kingdoms of the world have been competing on a level that most of us just never took the time to understand. If I find a vein of gold, I better go mine it from the ground. Why? By claiming it for my kingdom grants my economy an infusion of wealth while denying my neighboring kingdoms from getting it. Therefore, monarchs have always seen the world as zero sum. They see the world as having finite resources that need to be hoarded. The proponents who’ve weaponized every resource on Earth — including ideas — are, not surprisingly, the very same proponents espousing the idea that the world is overpopulated.

The calamity of war has enduring results. Anyone who’d choose to profit from war, in my opinion, is a mobster. Someone who could probably even justify doing any immorality without remorse… in essence, a sociopath. They use wars and the chaos they create to cover other crimes too. Well, it turns out that the World Wars may have actually been devised as cover for their acquisition of the world’s patents.

Dr. William Levingston was a snake oil salesman. Selling tonics may seem harmless, but what about someone buying a useless tonic with the last of their life’s savings? Dr. Levingston was a con man. The word con man comes from the crime, “confidence trick/game.” A swindler would gain the confidence of his victim before robbing them blind.

Dr. Levingston was a horrible man. He was loyal to only himself. He abandoned his wife and six children to get married to another woman. He bragged of his parenting skills, “I cheat my boys every chance I get. I want to make ’em sharp.” He used the alias Dr. Levingston due to his being indicted for raping a girl in Cayuga County New York. Who is this Dr. William Levingston? He was the father of John D. Rockefeller. His real name wasWilliam Avery “Devil Bill” Rockefeller Sr.

These people who’ve weaponized everything, they’re mobsters. These people are con men. These people and their ilk have the audacity to espouse the doctrines of “overpopulation” and “eugenics.” My question is: Who made you god? If the world is truly overpopulated, then won’t it be natural for people to starve or die due to malnutrition? Or what about the evidence that developed countries have a lower fertility rate than non-developed societies? Why? Well, it turns out once you educate women, they choose to pursue their own dreams, careers and ambitions. It turns out that they prefer not to be baby factories — popping out a new human every other year… barefoot and pregnant.

What about eugenics? Well, science is showing that while “Nature versus Nurture” was a valid question, it was never a 50–50 proposition. While nature (your genetics) may determine your abilities, physically and mentally; nurture (your environment) helps augment and develop your existing abilities/talents but also allows for learning new abilities/talents. Not sure what that ratio is, but it’s probably in the range of 1:3 or 1:4, not 1:1. And hopefully, with technology, it could become 1:100 or better.

The people who’ve gained power are actually the dregs of society. Wake up, people. It’s time to awaken from this madness and take back our societies. To continue playing THEIR game by THEIR rules is insanity. Let’s play a new game. Let’s play by new rules. Let’s build a more equitable, more compassionate and more stable paradigm. If it takes money to make money, why would you leave them — the monarchists — in a position of power? They have demonstrated their disdain for egalitarianism or equity for all. They’d prefer hoarding the world’s resources like they always have.

The future can be glorious, but we need your participation. We need everyone’s input. Sharing ideas, open source, crowd sourcing are just other terms for cooperation. We need to rediscover the potential of people coming together to create. Everything doesn’t have to be Zero Sum. We don’t have to see the rest of the world as our competitor. Cooperation could be the virtue that takes us to the stars… literally! Hence, as a species, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. As we prepare to embark on this endeavor to become a spacefaring species — let’s do it together!




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